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The western side of Lake Atitlán is populated primarily by Tz'utujil Maya while the eastern side of the lake is populated by the Kaqchikel Maya.  San Pedro La Laguna is one of seven Tz'utujil communities.


San Pedro La Laguna Demographics

Department of Sololá

Founded:       1550 ad/CE

Cantones:       Zona 1-Pacucha / Zona 2-Chuacante

                        Zona 3-Chuasanahi / Zona 4-Tzanjay

Population:    13,000 (96.4% indigenous)

Languages:      Tz'utujil, Español

Religion:          53% Catholic (1 Church)

                         47% Protestant (17 Churches)

Altitude:          1610m / 5282ft.

Latitude:          14° 41' 25"

Longitude:       91° 16' 21"

Rainfall:            1000-2000mm annually

Temperature:   18-24° C / 64-75° F

Town festival:   June 29



Political Offices

Alcalde Municipal:

Sindico Primero:

Sindico Secundo:

Concejal Primero:

Concejal Sedundo:

Concejal Tercero:

Concejal Cuarto:

Secretario Municipal:

Tesorero Municipal:

Period of office:


Volcanoes of Lake Atitlán

Atitlán (3537m / 11604ft.)

Tolimán (3158m / 10361ft.)

San Pedro / Nimajuyú (3020m / 9908ft.)





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